About Us

More About Our Agency.

Planner Adventure Holidays Pvt. Ltd. We are registered with the Nepalese Government Tourism Authorities. The owners of the company are travel industry Entrepreneurs with more than 10 years experience within the travel trade business as well as experienced trekking/climbing Managers. The company is committed to provide services for the range of the travellers, trekkers and climbers in friendly, culturally enriching and safe environment.

Through our experience in the entire tourism business spectrum in Nepal, from servicing range of cultural tours, adventure tours to trekking and mountaineering clients we deliver customised services for groups and individuals to suit most interests, budgets and time frames. We offer wide repertoire of packages and special offers as well as fixed departures within Nepal, and neighbouring Himalayan regions located in Tibet, and Bhutan as well as selected regions of India.

We have intimate knowledge of the regions and areas where we operate; we have worked with travellers from just about any part of the world, we work with a number of overseas partners; combining our local knowledge and listening to our overseas friends and our customers we are continually improving quality and range of our operations. We train our staff to be able to provide an ultimate and truly authentic ‘Nepalese’ experiences to our clients. We listen to our guests and trying to understand and deliver their dreams and expectations and present all aspects of our country, cultural heritage and our dramatic and stunning nature.

Nepalese nation took a huge step in 2006 after tumultuous events and become a Republic. We are still under ‘construction’ but our Government recognising importance of tourism for Nepal proclaimed 2011 as “Nepal Tourism Year 2011”.

The Nation is preparing to welcome the target of 1 million foreign tourists in the year 2011 and Planner Adventure Holidays Pvt.Ltd. is ready for the challenge to ensure best possible level of service and life changing experience to all our guests and friends.

Our Service Philosophy

- Continue and enhance the tradition of Sherpa and ‘western mountaineer’ friendship initiated by Sir Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, and to extend it to all locals and all visitors, climbers and hikers exploring our country.

- Ensure cultural sensitivity and uncompromised care for the environment. Our motto is: ‘Leave only footprints on your path way; take only photographs, unforgettable memories and friendships with you’.

- Support and promote the concept of sensible and sensitive help to people in the regions we visit, in the spirit of Sir Edmund Hilary, whose actions have been inspirational to thousands of mountaineers and it is inspiring to us and our friends.

-Deliver the best possible service to our customers, who invested precious time and resources to visit our country and honoured us the privilege to provide the service.